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New York's Sixth Crosses The Hudson

Hey, look, there across the river: it's the official launch day of New York's Sixth, the New Jersey real estate blog that we linked up last Friday. We're officially loving the Hudson Coast map (for the uninitiated, the giant black maw at top represents Hoboken) as well as the FAQ, which reads in part:

1. Why is NY6th different from other blogs? Why should I read it?
We have not found any blogs dedicated to the Hudson County coast. We love all those fun New York Blogs, but they leave us out of everything. 2. Aren't you just trying to be like 'all the New York City Blogs?'
Um.. Doesn't everyone want to be a New Yorker?

3. Are you going to talk about 'all the New York City Blogs?'
That goes without saying. We'll make fun of them for paying higher rents and not having any place to park while secretly crying ourselves to sleep at night for not being a real New Yorker.

· NewYorkSixth FAQ [NewYorksSixth]