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Having Your Way with DUMBO: Surprisingly Easy

Ah, the classic bait-and-switch: an oldie but, as they say, a goodie. Groundbreaking has taken place on the Light Bridges project at 100 Jay St. in DUMBO, twin 18-story buildings joined by a common two-story base and interior courtyard. Only it's not the Light Bridges project anymore, it's the J Condo project: a 33-story beast that would be the tallest building in the enclave. Surprise! Since the site was rezoned from manufacturing to high-rise residential, Cara Devlopment can pretty much have its way with it?a fact made apparent when the Department of City Planning didn't bother reviewing the revised proposal, despite it coming in at 17 feet taller than the limits allow. Sayeth the Brownstoner: "Cara calls the 407,000-square-foot project an 'easily recognizable icon [on] the Brooklyn Skyline.' We call it bullshit. So much for contextual development."
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