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West Side Rail Yards: The Future's So Bright

In the wake of yesterday afternoon's downfall of the West Side Stadium, New York's 2012 Olympic bid, and All that is Holy, we're left to wonder, where from here? As NYT sports columnist Serena Roberts eloquently puts it this morn: "Something unwanted will be built there one day." But what? Back to Serena:

In Pottersville [in 2012], it's another humid day on Manhattan's West Side as sodden shoppers exit the gray cinderblock facade of a Super Wal-Mart built over the railroad yards despite public protests over the excessive red glow of "Super" that has left the neighborhood with the eerie tint of a darkroom.Good one! The crew on the Wired New York message boards prognosticate too; writes one, "The Far West Side will continue to remain a blighted area for a while, and a bitter reminder of just how difficult it is to get things done in New York, even with the support of most of those in power." Adds another, "This decision has implications on the realestate market, this could be the act that bursts the bubble." (Think you know better? Your predictions for the future of the rail yards to
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