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70 Washington: It Hurts to Look at You, Brooklyn

An update now on the hot topic of two weeks ago: the frenzy surrounding the 70 Washington St. condos in DUMBO. New York magazine reports that a nearly identical pair of two-bed, three-bath places just sold, but with a 20% price difference between them. 'Sup with that?

these apartments located in opposite corners of the same floor are similarly configured and have sweeping views, says Toby Klein, the executive sales director?except that one has a picture-perfect panorama of the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River, and lower Manhattan, and the other faces . . . uh, east.Brooklyn, what gives? We thought you were on fire. You were brimming with confidence, pounding your chest?over that whole Manhattan complex thing. And suddenly people would rather check out some old broad in an ankle-length than gaze at your assets? Tough break!
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