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NYC's Crazy Urban Planning Projects: An Update!

A Curbed reader emails, "What does the stadium collapse mean to the Second Avenue Subway?" An excellent question! In theory, the MTA sells the West Side railyards to Ted Turner, who converts them to 13 acres of grassy buffalo grazing, netting the agency the $1.8 billion needed to extend the 7 Train one or two paltry stops. Oh, wait, that's not the Second Avenue Subway. Let's use this excuse to gaze into the Curbed crystal ball and evaluate the status of the city's other great urban planning dreams?

Project: Second Avenue Subway
Cost: More than $17 billion
Skinny: Seeking salvation across town from railyards debacle, MTA floats new plan to plunge at least $3 billion deeper into debt to finance Second Ave Subway. U.S. Senate okays $2 million study for Second Ave. Subway... but $7m study "for a pathway through Hudson River Park." Meantime, project officially delayed while MTA looks for money under its sofa cushions.
Curbed's Predicted Date of Completion: 2025, give or take 50 years.

Project: Moynihan Station
Cost: About $1 billion
Skinny: Amidst all the hubbub about the West Side Rail Yards, the conversion of the old Farley Post Office on Eighth Ave. into a new commuter haven has been largely forgotten. But like the little engine that could, the new Penn Station keeps chugging along ? in theory, anyway. The current champion, Maura Moynihan, the Senator's daughter, just heard presentations from Mort Zuckerman?s Boston Properties, Tishman Speyer, and a partnership of Vornado and the Related Companies. She's optimistic that after a years foot-dragging, the train is about to leave the station. But New York Mag reported this week (via Gothamist), the developers' thirst for condos on the site's Ninth Ave. stretch is threatening to turn the station into an afterthought.
Curbed's Predicted Date of Completion: Just in time for NYC2012

Project: Freedom Tower
Cost: Upwards of $2 billion
Skinny: Big news: the police are happy! (Chief: "It's not our place to say yea or nay." Uh, sure.) NYT reports this week that under new design, "Freedom Tower may end up with a structurally massive base that is distinctly different from the upper office floors." New designs due later this month.
Curbed's Predicted Date of Completion: 2010, much to the Post's Twin-Tower-Lovin' dismay.

Project: New Yankee Stadium
Cost: ~$700 million for the stadium and ~$300 million for surrounding infrastructure
Skinny: After Bloomberg vetoed his predecessor's dream to go halvesies with the Yanks on a pimped out retractable-dome stadium across the street from the House that Ruth Built, Steinbrenner & Co. came back with an offer to pony up the full $700 million for slightly less ambitious digs, as long as the city pitched in the $300 million or so for a new Metro-North station and other assorted non-stadium upgrades. Last we heard, new plans were due any day now. Meanwhile, earlier this week, the Related Companies unveiled its plans for a $394 million mixed-use development neighboring the stadium. Good times in the South Bronx!
Curbed's Predicted Date of Completion: 2010 or 5 years from the next date the Yanks are above .500