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'Hoodwinked Finalist #5: Bloombergsbury

Name: Bloombergsbury
Submitted By: Murray R. Markowitz
Boundaries: East of Fifth Avenue, north of East 78th Street, west of Park Avenue and south of East 82th Street.
Description: Punctuated on its western fringe by verdant Central Park and the grand collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the focal point of this district of elegant townhouses and luxury apartment buildings is the East 79th Street townhouse owned and occupied by Michael Bloomberg, the city?s 108th Mayor, from whom the neighborhood takes its name.

Throughout the year, the neighborhood is crowded with slow-walking, badly-dressed tourists who can?t quite understand that city?s layout takes the form of a grid and thus is self-explanatory. On certain mornings, lucky passers-by may spy the rare Blue-Haired Female WASP emerging from one of the Fifth Avenue buildings, frequently in a dress that even H.M. Queen Elizabeth would not wear publicly.

[Previous 'Hoodwinked finalists: FLATenD, The Nightie Drawer, TRUMPO, 20-Something. Illustrations by Jonathan Van Gieson with thanks to Google Maps.]