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Madison Square, Manhattan's New Residential Enclave

If you could create a new residential enclave anywhere in the world you would put it in the center of Manhattan, with a newly polished park of mature trees and lush lawns, with one of the best dog runs in New York, a renovated children's playground, and of course you would ring it with landmark structures just begging to be turned into lofts. Oh, and one more thing: you would also have Danny Meyer open three restaurants there. Welcome to Madison Square. Over the next few years as many as 700 new condo units could be created here. Triple Mint gazes adoringly at Madison Square?wasn't this called Flatiron back in the dark ages??and likes what it sees. So do we. Above, the ripe-for-reno International Toy Center at 200 Fifth Avenue (oops!) Gift Industry Building at 225 Fifth Avenue; more loft-ready sites at 3xMt.
· Madison Square Park Going Condo [Triple Mint]