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Uproar from the Anti-Ratner Table

Have you ingested your early-morning vitriol today? If not, look no further. The Times provides an update on the Nets arena situation in Brooklyn, under the banner, "Unlike Stadium on West Side, an Arena in Brooklyn Is Still a Go." Needless to say, there are those out there that disagree. Take the anti-Ratner group Fans for Fair Play, who dissect the article in a nearly paragraph-by-paragraph takedown. The activists waste no time, pouncing on the opening statement, which suggests the arena is "quietly coming to fruition":

There's no deal between Ratner and the MTA for half the acres he needs to build...there are still plenty of holdouts in the compound's footprint -- residents, owners, small businesses and large corporations -- who haven't agreed to sell Ratner the land he needs...Forest City Ratner hasn't lined up the financing yet...there will be court cases out the wazoo...the Environmental Impact Statements will prove that everything from traffic to ecological concerns are valid...and housing and job claims made by Ratner are far in excess of what he can actually provide the local communities in his rifle hairs.
Yeah, but you left out one thing: Gehry, d00dz!
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