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Dumpling Feud Inspires Big-Budget Summer Blockbuster

Speaking of food-related smackdowns, it appears that Plump Dumpling's cave-in to Dumpling Man's logo demands has resulted in a period of East Village pax. At least for now. But even though the beef was squashed, it has left a lasting legacy. Actually, it may have left us with the single greatest moment in the history of the Internet. A moment that will certainly never be topped for as long as this little ol' website is kicking around. We'll let the Dumpling Man himself explain, and we strongly?strongly?suggest clicking on the animation link:

the latest news is that our friend changed the logo, and it appeared that they are not going to be a dumpling specialty eatery, but rather another chinese food take out. our customers had been very supportive about this whole event. some of them post blogs, some made animation. we thought you might get a kick out of this short clip which you can view from this url

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a pleasure serving you. We've been Curbed. See you after the apocalypse.
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