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First Shots Fired in Downtown Diner War

A little while back we told you about the dueling downtown diners on the corner of Greenwich and Rector. Now, our confidential source reports back with a shocking update:

Last week, on the cusp of a new culinary era for the Financial District, we explored the upcoming war between two soon-to-be opening establishments at the corner of Rector and Greenwich. Now, the initial race to consumers is over. Cafe Bravo is now open for business, and they're giving away morning coffee with breakfast orders to celebrate their grand opening. (yes, it's too late for most of you now.) And balloons! Whither George's? The lights are dim for the runner-up, and the door is not open. You have lost this battle, friend, but the war is not over.

Free coffee and balloons? When Bravo plays, they play dirty. After the jump, proof: People?free. coffee.

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