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The Landlord Giveth, and the Landlord Taketh Away

How about some reader-submitted Friday morning Craigslist fun? OK! One distraught renter tees off on her old landlord in Long Island City, a relationship that became strained just after move-in, when the elderly landlord denied having any knowledge of the woman's son and refused to honor the lease. Needless to say it escalated from there, and among all the low blows and police visits, this could be our fave:

Yesterday, we came home and our electricity was turned off. We contacted Con Edison and we were informed that the landlady called Con Edison on May 6th and had our service switched over to her name. Con Edison also informed us that the landlady called them two weeks ago to have our service turned off on Wednesday, June 29th. This told us that she had this planned all along.
More conspiracies await you.
· WARNING TO ALL RENTERS... [Craigslist]