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David Cross Plans Lower East Side Club

Writing on his website, David Cross announces he's opening a performance space on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side this fall:

I may very soon be part owner of a bar/club/performance space here in NY on Orchard St. in the Lower East Side. I have been hesitant to write or even say anything because of how tenuous all this has been/is. I won?t bore you with the details but there?s so much crazy bureaucratic shit to deal with it makes Gogol look like Kafka on steroid cream! Now, before you go and accuse me of selling out, know that I fully intend to continue my practice of keeping my ticket prices (at least for my shows or Tinkle) at an absurd minimum. As the dollar devalues, inflation rises and rents go up, I will continue to keep it cheap. Beer on the other hand will still be twelve dollars for a new one and eight dollars for a used one.Cross provides some additional details about the venue (an upstairs and a downstairs!) in his writeup. Any guesses of which space they've secured?
· It's Official! [ via Lindsayism]