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Reports of Cabrini Sale Price Were FAR Too High

Last week's rumblings about the old Cabrini clinic on 2nd Ave. begat a dispute about the building's sale price. Large numbers were tossed around, complicated equations emerged, and we all spent a sleepless weekend wondering what was up. Thankfully, Villager associate editor Lincoln Anderson emails to clear up the mess:

The Polyclinic building (old German clinic) on Second Ave. sold for $7 million, according to a Cabrini hospital spokesperson, who called us after reading the article. Apparently word on the street about the sale price -- $25 million -- was a tad bit exaggerated. We had this figure in Scoopy's Notebook, a column in The Villager in which we run corrections. The sale price in the original article was thrown into the article at the last minute without any fact-checking, and it should have been checked first. It came from a pretty reliable source -- but was way off. Just goes to show what the word on the street can be worth sometimes.[photo via The Villager]
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