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World Trade Center Chaos Update: Et Tu, Calatrava?

Our friends at The Gutter, Curbed's architectural backwater, hear things. Sad things. Unfortunate things. Tragic things:

We can now confirm our worst fears and fondest hopes: the campaign to build Santiago Calatrava's flapping PATH station is every bit as fucked up as those to erect the Freedom Center, Freedom Tower, or the 9/11 Memorial itself. Our sauced source sang so sweet: the soaring glass-and-steel wings have been trimmed to mere stumps (think deli awning), and, worse, the entire project is now on hold pending the accrual of funds and the cessation of the architect's hissy fit.In related news, a glowing NYT profile of the krazy kids at SOM (do check out the group portrait) reports, with no apparent irony, that the breakneck two-week redesign of the Freedom Tower was a giant pizza-fueled love-fest. Daniel Libeskind and David Childs were even caught making out in the closet at one point. We're hardly surprised. After all, these people love architecture.
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