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It Happened One Weekend: SoFi's Spotlight

1) The NYT real estate section sends a postcard from one of Curbed's favorite quasi-neighborhoods, the so-fine SoFi (South Fifth Avenue to uninititates). "We have jokingly called it 'NoFlaWeMu,'" said developer Adam R. Rose. 'Hoodwinked envy, anyone? [NYTimes]
2) If SoFi's a little too upscale for your tastes, perhaps the adjacent, equally up-n-coming Fashion District would suit your style? It's a neighborhood some still call the "Dirty 30s," while others bushwhack for the perfect euphemism: "You still have that old-Europe feel." [Living In/NYT]
3) In adjacent Hell's Kitchen, "five new roommates play getting to know you." And no reality TV cameras in sight? [Penelope Greene/Habitats]
4) Post real estate columnist tackles the is-there-a-bubble question. Upshot: "Just because every resident who shares the block with the Hell's Angels claims it's a crime-free block, doesn't mean every potential buyer will agree." Translation: BUY! BUY!! [Jane Reilly Mount/NYP]
5) Long Island couple buys pied-a-terre on Upper West Side for $460,000. Proof at last: normal people buy real estate in this city, too. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]