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7-11 Backlash: Roll Your Dogs Back to Suburbia

Greg Allen, who's been to the Slurpee machine and back, emails with some perspective on the 7-Eleven mania:

There used to be 7-11's here in the early 90's, and I for one welcomed our Big Gulp overlords; I imagined the Diet Coke would flow as freely and as cheaply as I'd seen in my college days, (la plus ca change, I guess) and that I'd be sucking the nitrous out of whip cream cans and stuffing my face 3/$1 hot dogs like we used to in those halcyon days of high school.

But I'm sorry, it turns out a town that was already full of mighty convenient, 24/7 Korean delis didn't need some suburban drive-up "convenience store" concept in 1992, and it doesn't need it now, even when our avenues are clotted with Gaps et al.

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