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The Anthem Update: Is Gracious Home Listening?

Last week, a Curbed reader inquired about the empty retail space at The Anthem, the party-it-up rental development astride East 34th Street. Why, he asked, was The Anthem holding out for a luxury tenant in an unluxury part of town? A Curbed correspondent reports: "The landlord isn't holding out for luxury rents. In fact, he's asking for market rates, but the space is actually enormous - 52,000 SF on three levels and no big box users are really in the market for Murray Hill, especially not for a space directly across from the exit ramp from the Midtown Tunnel." Makes sense. Though, if the listing at Winick Realty Group (from whence we jacked the above image) is any indication, GRACIOUS HOME would make a great tenant. Anyone from GRACIOUS HOME want to step up and make this happen?
· Retail Listing: 222 East 34th Street [Winick Realty Group]
· The Anthem: Why Aren't Commercial Tenants Singing? [Curbed]

UPDATE: By the way, anyone in Curbed's audience actually live at The Anthem, or seen apartments there? We'd love to know if it lives up to the ad campaign.