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7-11 Marches North in Bid for Island Takeover

Manhattan Slurpee mania continues now on Curbed (finally!) with this bit of breaking news. Last night, a local newscast filed a report on the popularity of the new 7-11 store at 23rd and Park?the 7-11 of the quarter-pound heart attack, that is?and included some footage of the now-legendary Slurpee Man (above). But that's neither here nor there for the moment, because they also dropped the bomb that another 7-11 will open in the fall on the Upper East Side?a little too late to enlist the aide of the Slurpee to fight off the summer sun, but coming at juuuuust the right time to recruit all variations of meatsticks in hopes of warding off any early winter chills. Start queueing.
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