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End of the Line for 505 Court?

Is there no fight left in the residents of 505 Court St.? Have years of struggling for hot water and cheap crack withered their resilience? A 505er writes in with a scalding indictment of the goings-on at the building, chronicling the final throes before condo conversion purgatory:

I am a tenant, for the moment, at 505 Court. The market rate tenants will be served with holdover proceeding notices within the next few weeks. When the Red Herring was distributed, a tenant's assocation was formed with the likes of mostly rent stabilized tenants whose only concern seems to be getting the "insider's" prices down. Which by the way went up, some over $100k, when the Black Book was received and Corcoran is selling below these rates for gut-renovated vs. "as-is" units. The attorney hired by the TA has a background of Sponsor representation and has done nothing, and will do nothing, to stop the evictions of market rate tenants. We were told to "go it alone" to housing court and fight, fight, fight! Rah, rah, team! No one has done research into legalities of this eviction and the TA has been oh so quiet. So 57 units of my near and dear neighbors will be thrown out on our collective butts.Denial, anger, bargaining and?after the jump?depression and acceptance. The five stages of death and dying plowed through in one medium-length email. Perhaps it's time to stick a fork in 505 Court, but not before at least one more wild accusation! After years of fighting rodent and insect infestations, no hot water, no heat and sometimes no water at all, it seems as if residents are willing to roll over yet again. I've succumbed to the fact that I will have no choice in the matter, but find with an influx of soon to be homeless, my choices for housing are limited at best. Wouldn't it be nice if someone, somewhere were to care? A closing note on Awaye open house at 204 Huntington last Sunday. No tenants from 505 were allowed in the building. The owners of 505/204 did not want any tenants in due to their "impending evictions/legal actions." So, I assert she is effectively assisting in our demise of not only evictions but right to seek new housing.

Free jumbo rocks for all soon-to-be-ex-505ers. You guys need it.
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