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South Slopers: Not in Our Backyard

The Village Voice's Tom Robbins details the shady doings of Brooklyn architect Henry "Too Tall" Radusky, who's been using the "faculty housing" exception?which permitted residential buildings of twice the allowable height as long as they were for school staff?to erect dwarfing structures all over the borough. The exception was banned by the City Planning Department last year, but that didn't stopped Radusky from using it to obtain permits for a 9-story structure on 15th St. in the South Slope. Residents of that 'hood, however, cried foul when they found Radusky's men digging in their backyards, and now the city has determined that the permit was obtained improperly and Radusky may or may not be under investigation.

Meanwhile, today's WSJ also visits the South Slope to find residents planting "Not for Sale" signs in their yard to protest over-aggressive development. The subtle protest method is also in practice in Honolulu and Lake Oswego, Oregon, says the Journal. The over-arching message: don't fuck with the South Slope.
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