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Living the Life of Leisure at The Anthem

So, now that we've solved the story of the empty retail space at The Anthem, that gigantic East 34th Street rental development, we turn to a yet more important question: is residential life there really as exciting as shown in its advertising? (You know, those ads that offer the vague sense that living at The Anthem is your first-class ticket to love, laughs, and sexual intercourse with other frisky 20-somethings?) A Curbed reader reports:

My fiancee lived there for 1 year. She liked that it was walking distance to work, but that was about it. The Anthem was an odd building, as it had the feeling of a very expensive dorm. Think Normandy Court but way more expensive and pretentious. Its not that I don't like modern apartment buildings; the furniture in the lobby was actually well thought out and stylish. The majority of the people who lived there at the time seemed like trust fund babies, both American and foreign. No one seemed to work or have jobs! In addition, people in the building were even more cold and impersonal than usual for NYC.More after the jump, including the line, "The Anthem personifies everything I hate about the Murray Hill neighborhood." The Anthem personifies everything I hate about the Murray Hill neighborhood; a perpetual state of striving for something better. It is a starter neighborhood. This block-long monstrosity seemed to have used a magnet to draw in the lions share of shallow harpy-like women in New York who subscribe to "The Rules" way of life, and ensconce them in a maze of smallish cookie cutter apartments across from the tunnel entrance. We would run into some of thes girls leaving on weekend nights in the elevator, their eyes bright, discussing their chances of snagging some investment banker or other "top earner." On a lighter note, it does have a nice gym, and at least while I was there, they provided breakfast and coffee for tenants on weekday mornings.Awesome. For those who just care about the apartments, though, an in-the-know Curbed reader adds, "The apartments at the Anthem are actually fantastic. Tastefully done and spacious with high end finishes." Gotta get in? Current availabilities range from a $2895/month 1BR to a $5100/month 2BR with "amazing views." See you at the rooftop garden!
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