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Hungry Hungry Hipster Quandary: Tiny's or Schiller's?

Putting the finishing touch on one of our most near-and-dear Lower East Side rumors, blogger Spinachdip NYC reports that Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop has made the long-awaited move from 127 Rivington St. all the way to 129 Rivington St. A small step for the Spicy Rizzack, perhaps, but a giant leap for Spicy Rizzackkind. Let the 'Dip explain:

For one, the new space is much, much bigger, which is great since the old location was way too cramped for the amount of traffic it got. And as you can tell from the photograph above, they actually have a decor. To top it off, there's table service! Of course, the best part is that Tiny's new location challenges Schiller's Liquor Bar for the supremacy of the Rivington/Norfolk intersection.A Tiny's vs. Schiller's feud, in which Tiny's tries to avenge the ouster of previous 129 tenant Cafe Luise? Unlikely. But highly encouraged!
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