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Resigned to Cruel Fate on the Upper West Side

Sure it's only a few days old and there have only been two posts (at publication time) so far, but we'd be remiss in not noting the complete and total awesomeness of new blog Lincoln Towers NYC, which promises to chronicle the goings-on at the sprawling Lincoln Towers complex of apartment buildings on the Upper West Side. The introduction is an instant classic:

My living room windows overlook the commons of hundreds of manhattan apartments known to as "Lincoln Towers" (aka LT). LT spans 67th to 71st, Amsterdam Avenue to Riverside. In otherwords, 8 city blocks. I used to feel bad for the people who lived here (wait ... story has a happy ending). The buildings are sadly non-descript with no obvious attention paid to design, art or even permanence. Many of the UWS's elderly live in Lincoln Towers.

And now, I live here.

And just in case you were wondering, it took approximately two days for the personal attacks to begin. Welcome!
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