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Will Barney Strong-arm Bruno on the UWS?

King Bruno may have begun an all-out assault on our cute little dumpling friends down in the East Village, but as a Curbed reader so eloquently points out, hey Bruno: Who's minding the store? Reader, explain:

OK, Bruno, let's review the first law of imperial expansion: Secure your own turf before you go cruising for someone else's. You probably think you're safe as houses in your snug little Broadway outpost between 78th and 79th. But don't forget, you're not the only King on the Upper West Side. You're not even the only King for 10 blocks. Chasing after sexless Chinese dumplings on 15th Street has its charms, I'm sure -- we all need a little diversion every now and then. But Barney is right on your back doorstep! He's got a crown and everything! Do you honestly expect him to just sit there on Amsterdam and 86th forever, without trying to increase his domain? Take hold of yourself, man! See the danger approaching!Bruno, busy dicing up the Dumpling Man's innards, could not be reached for comment.
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