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Real Estate 101, from Your Friend the Anon Poster

From the Craigslist Manhattan real estate for sale board, a posting subtly titled, "/\/\/\/\/\ Hey BubbleHead! Do you feel like an ass yet?/\/\/\/\/\":

Looking to buy? WAIT! More buyers are taking to the sidelines now and when properties remain on the market too long the sellers will panic and drop the price fearing that they are holding bubble-prone property. Then, more sellers will panic when the news gets out that prices are dropping causing them to sell lower which causes another drop. Stubborn buyers will be the catalyst. Be stubborn; don't be an ass.
According to listing's location identifier, it won't be long before this nuanced strategy bears fruit: "this is in or around THE VERY VERY VERY TOP!"
· Hey BubbleHead! Do you feel like an ass yet? [Craigslist]