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The Anthem: The View From 33rd Street

Pity poor Curbed photographic restaurant correspondent Noah Kalina, who lives on East 33rd Street just south of The Anthem, the gigantoid rental development we've been obsessing about this week. He writes, "When I moved in, there was a giant hole in the ground. I watched the whole thing go up." And, as his his wont, documented it in photos. Above, Noah's view before (left), and after (right). A timely reminder of the joy that is New York City, where today's view is tomorrow's wall. However, in the interests of Fair and Balanced reporting, we note two Curbed readers (actual Anthem residents, no less!) who have some quite nice things to say about the place. Their words, after the jump.

A Curbed reader emails:

I've lived at The Anthem for two years now. The biggest problem I had was that they moved people in before the building was completed. Since all is done, I really believe that it is the nicest building in Manhattan. In response to everyone being a trust fund baby, show me a building in Manhattan where people aren't being helped out in one way or the other. Bottom line is that Murray Hill is a right-out-of-school starter neighborhood for people moving to NY, who aren't quite ready for the "charm" of other neighborhoods. It is what it is, and the Anthem is the best and least dorm-like of the surrounding buildings.Adds another reader,The apartments at the Anthem are actually fantastic. Tastefully done and spacious with high end finishes.· Living the Life of Leisure at The Anthem [Curbed]