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Trump Kindly Responds to Gentle Critique

By now you've probably heard that beloved real estate developer Donald J. Trump has sued his partners on that $1.76 billion Riverside South land sale, claiming they undersold the property. What you probably didn't know is how closely Trump likes to monitor coverage of his favorite topic?himself. Peter Slatin of the Slatin Report got back his story on Trump's lawsuit complete with notes from The Donald. Trump underlined comments that made mention of his "ugliest apartment towers" and "view-choking exteriors," and in reference to the suggestion that he has a "relatively small minority" in the project, Trump shoots back, "Is 50% small?" And as you can see from the above, he added am elloquent parting shot, too. Looks like Peter got off easy, though. Trump has strangled orphans for less insolence than this.
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