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Curbed Readers Write: Why Ed Norton Does Not Rock

1) Some more shucking and jiving on the worth of Jack and Grace Lamb's luxury oyster pad: "I question your "highly placed" real estate source's evaluation of this price. According to the description the purchase includes the restaurant, which could explain the asking amount. Will it continue as Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar? With the same staff? Will the Lambs still run the show? As Jacques Brel said, 'C?est toujours la même bergerie, mais les brebis sont enragés.'"
2) A very special Curbed correspondent checks in with a morning talk show report: "Another week, another Barbara Corcoran appearance on today. This morning, BC delivered three soundbites in Jill Rappaport's entertainment wrap package, related to the Bacara resort where JLo was supoosed to marry Ben. Obviously, BC is selling units or renting them or such ... why was she
interviewed and not a talking head from People, the Enquirer, or Janice Min/US Weekly. Next stop: the Corcoran Report sponsored by Today!"
3) Regarding 'Downtown' Ed Norton, a reader writes, "ed norton is a has-been....if he was really cool, he would have said 23rd street..."
4) "[Michael Sorkin's stadium] analysis does not take into account current traffic conditions and certainly doesnt seem to have enough neighborhood knowledge to know if the integration of a stadium in the list of places works. The following are not good choices and why:

Sunnyside: Intersection of the BQE and LIE, near Queens Blvd and not far from Grand Central. Ever driven near this location? Add football traffic and no one will make it to the game on time."

The full critique, provided for your beach reading pleasure, after the jump.

"Brooklyn Navy yard: Again, BQE has very few access/exit ramps near here. the BQE is also packed as 3 lanes merge to two right before the Brooklyn Bridge underpass.

Sunset Park: The Bush Terminals are currently occupied by the CIA and FBI. Plus the BQE again has little to no acces/exit/entrance points in Sunset Park.

Flushing. OK, one, two now THREE stadiums here?

Fresh Kills, are you kidding? Staten Island's max speed limit is 35, across the board. On top of that, all roads are decayed, and narrow. The 500,000 people that live there can hardly get around now. And the West side of Staten Island has no rail system at all.

Governors Island: do i need to even talk about accessibility? And where to all these ferry riders park their cars? Red Hook? They were upset about the Ikea traffic, they'll protest bloody murder if that even was remotely an idea.

The only real option for a stadium would be #1, #2, #6, & #8. I personally like the coney Island idea b/c Coney Island was built for recreation and it would be the best fit. But lets face it, unless Bloomberg is giving billions of tax dollars away, it aint happening. Save it for Olympics 2020!"