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High Line Benefit Report: Ed Norton Rocks

A special Curbed correspondent attended the Friends of the High Line benefit party on Wednesday night, and files this report:

Great benefit. Highlights included:
1) Diller + Scofidio (seen here in NYSun party pix) unrecognized by the Chipriani doormen, being shown to the back of the line waiting to enter the event.
2) Al Sharpton taking pictures with everyone including security at the Polaroid keepsake station.
3) Edward Norton, the actor, on why downtown needs a park... because "I love Central Park but I need a really stiff drink to go above 34th Street, and if I add one more tree to my roof, my co-op board will kill me."
4) Metrosexuals in full searsucker regalia, socks optional.

5) Richard Meier's white halo everywhere.· Friends of the High Line Benefit Photo Gallery [NYSun]