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Vornado/Related to Develop Neutered Moynihan Station

This morning brings confirmation of one of those Crazy Blogger Rumors from a few months back: that Vornado/Related Group team has won the right to develop the new Penn (Moynihan) Station. Turns out that clever swapping of air rights won the deal for the Vornado/Related team. Nothing like having a few million extra feet of development rights hanging around.

Now comes the really fun part: the neutering of the architectural design. Reports the NYT, "Vornado and Related have been working with architects at Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum and James Carpenter Design Associates. But it is unclear what remains of [David] Childs's 1999 design for a soaring, asymmetrical glass and steel canopy that would funnel light into a great entry hall. The government official, who has seen the new plans, said that Mr. Childs's design had been 'modified.'" Uh-huh.
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