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Finally, Some Legal Commerce in Chinatown

Whoa, check out that long line during daylight hours. What could possibly make all those poor souls wait outside in such sweltering conditions? Amy Sacco's new "afternoons only" club? Bruce Ratner autograph signing? Ribbon cutting on another 7-11? Nope, nope and?sadly?nope. Looks like it's just another Chinatown bank opening, complete with velvet rope and bouncer. But why all the fuss on the corner of Canal and Bowery? As our witness points out, there were free rice cookers for everyone who opened an account with a balance of at least $250. And we're talkin' Black & Decker here, people, not your gradmother's shitty old homemade rice cooker fashioned from leftover brick, mortar and the intolerable pain of living. Total score!

Some more pictures of the madness?when we tease rice cookers we stand and deliver, damn it!?after the jump.

· Commerce Bank Opens First Store in Chinatown [CNNMoney/PR Newswire]