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Rumblings and Bumblings: More Medical Carnage

1) East Village: "they're tearing down this building (pictured right) that used to house some sort of medical laboratories, on 3rd Ave between 10th & 11th. what's planned to replace it? a huge NYU dorm like on the other nearby corners? luxury condos?"
2) Upper East Side: "What happened to the Melrose Hotel, formerly the Barbizon, at 63rd and Lex? They had an auction of hotel furnishings last weekend and went out of business. The Equinox on the lower floors has the only Equinox pool in New York, I think."
3) Harlem: "Any info on 110th & Lenox bldg plan? Plans show a 17 story condo bldg w/prices expected to be $450K to $2 million. There was a planning meeting [last Tuesday]. Any info?"
4) Park Slope: "Since you're on a Park Slope jag I thought I'd ask if you know anything about the project on the strange interior lot on 8th Avenue between Windsor Place and Prospect Avenue. If I recall correctly it has 30 units slated for a 2 story building! Do they plan to run a drive into the block creating townhouses running parallel with the length of the block? "
[Answers, questions, and pics to A thousand thank yous.]