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Doing the Swim at the McCarren Pool

Last we checked in on the McCarren Pool in Greenpoint, it was getting some preservationist love. Well, looks like the empty, dusty hole is finally about to be saved ? and converted, to boot. Reports blogger Tien Mao, fresh from a photo shoot inside the gates, "I was later told that the pool is undergoing renovations to become a dance space (?!?). Parts of the pool will be filled in and the whole area cleaned up. I suppose it's good that they've finally decided to do something with it, but wouldn't making it a...pool make more sense?" Synchronized swim, anyone?

UPDATE: Tangentialism's got another pic and the skinny on the dancing, a limited engagement site-specific number choreographed by Noémie Lafrance. From the promo material: "Performed inside the large pool, the overlapping narratives of Agora will produce the illusion of travel through the different layers of visceral urban experiences and explore the phenomenon of agoraphobia as a social and physical reaction to urban architecture."
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