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It's Official: 23 More Stories for the Lower East Side

In the upper reaches of the Lower East Side, a Curbed correspondent finds hard evidence that Trump faves Costas Kondylis & Partners (N.B. worst website ever?) finally have filed a new building application with the Building Department for his apartment tower set to fill the gaping void between Ludlow and Orchard Streets just below Houston. How high? 23 stories, my dears, with 252 "dwelling units." Says our correspondent, "Wonder what that will do for THOR's uptown views?" Gaze at the full building application after the jump.

Meantime, we hear that Jason Pomeranc's 19-story hotel/condo at 200 Allen Street was approved by the Building Department last week. The (high)-rise of the Lower East Side has officially begun.

(Click to enlarge.)

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