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Shacking Up in Ft. Ft. Greene: Better Pack Light

We now direct your attention to that unlimited buffet of curious oddities, Craigslist, and specifically to this lovely-upon-first-glance Fort Greene room availability. Let's have a look at the details, shall we? $550 for your own bedroom ... wireless internet ... two blocks from a park ... ping pong table ... sounds great, right? Oh, wait, it was built by 10-year-olds during the late hours of a birthday sleepover:

About room:
- former tenants built a "fort" (what we lovingly call it) in corner of loft
- one of the walls is a wooden wall that was built, and one wall is half bookshelf half piece of heavy canvas
- it's big enough to fit my dresser, a costume rack, and a futon bed
- this room would be perfect for someone who doesn't take up much space, doesn't need a lot of privacy, and/or who won't be home very much (I'm a girl, I'm actually home a lot, but I spend most of my time in the living area or kitchen)
- IT IS NOT SOUNDPROOF (not recommended for insomniacs)
There are pictures, but we didn't want to put one up and give away the funny too soon. So click. Now!
· $550 - Cute room in a huge loft available August 1 [Craigslist]