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New THOR Service: Doormen for Everyone!

In the past there have been some shenanigans going on between the doormen at The Hotel on Rivington and the hotel's Lower East Side neighbors. Now, it looks like residents have scored a blow of their own against the THOR staff, exploiting them for their good service and friendly smiles. Blogger Kurt of Shaken, Not Stirred reports on his boozy night out at the THOR bar, but also adds this tasty morsel of info:

Lately--on another THOR related note--whenever I take a taxi to my apartment on Rivington St., I am instructing the cabbie to stop in front of the hotel. The helpful THOR staff, assuming I am a guest, always open the car door for me. Since I will probably never have a doorman, I shall enjoy this service while I can. Now, if I can convince them to carry my bags to my front door, I'd really be living it up!Oh Kurt, don't you get it? You're a dead man. [above photo taken from THOR's image gallery]
· And I don't even need to leave a Christmas tip! [Shaken, Not Stirred via Catherine's Pita]
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· Times on THOR: 'Shoddy, Seamy' [NYTimes] UPDATE: Ridiculous and snooty travel writers bemoan THOR's foam mattresses and non-terry cloth robes before labeling the entire Lower East Side "not carnet worthy." Please read this.