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Rumblings and Bumblings Responses: Blood and Condos

1) Lots of feedback on the construction on 3rd between 10th and 11th. One reader writes, "Isn't that building on 3rd Ave the one with the crazy 'here's a plaque commemorating a tree we chopped down' historical marker?'" Why, yes, it is. Something about Peter Stuyvesant and a pear tree. The Villager's got the skinny. To the question at hand, though, the current owner, who also owns the blood lab that used to occupy the space, has six stories of condos planned. According to the building dept. and the development's contractor, the new structure will be 40,000 sqft, with 34 units and retail on the bottom floor.
3) Regarding the old Melrose Hotel (pictured right), which used to be the Barbizon Hotel, a reader writes, "Met with the events coordinator at the Barbizon a few months back and she said they had lots of people sniffing around looking to make it into condos. So, my guess, it is going to become luxury apartments." The Real Deal says the deal is already in the works ? for a 147-unit conversion. Several readers also wrote in to correct the assertion that the ground-floor Equinox is the only pool-bearing Equinox in the city. Apparently, the Greenwich Ave. branch is also wet. Claims that the Financial District is pool-equipped remain unconfirmed.
4) As for the strange interior lot on 8th Ave in Park Slope, a reader writes, "This is slated to be numerous units, I believe reached via a sidewalk down one side. Construction has been largely stalled for ages. I hear that the builder keeps hitting water and is having a hard time getting the foundation built. Plans have been in place for probably 2 years and still no building." Another reader writes, "I will get back to you on the PSlope 8th Ave Property." And so we wait.
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