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Report from LIC Beach: $1 PBRs!

In yesterday's report on Water Taxi Beach, Long Island City's hottest party pad, we begged for a reader report. Lo and behold, in our inbox today...

Here's a report from last saturday eve... the beach is great but hard to find (in the back of the water taxi parking lot). Bring a Frisbee or some badminton. The food was okay, I think they are just getting rolling with it, but the views and the cheap beer ($1 pbr!) makes it a great after work destination.We're so there. Anyone know if they've got WiFi? Meantime, another alert Curbed reader sends along a link to the above (sadly microsize) rendering from a Van Alen design contest a few years back. In the architectural jargon: "This entry suggests that sand be placed on the Queens waterfront to create a beach. Additionally, the inland grid pattern will be extended directly to the waterfront while keeping selected extant buildings. This will ostensibly have the effect of opening up the waterfront vista to the inner neighborhood." Any developers out there want to partner with Curbed on this? We'll bring the sand.
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