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Introducing the Grey Goose Slurpee

Has it really been two days since we had any 7-Eleven news? What can we say? Sometimes a blog just loses sight of its mission. Today, a reader reports after a pleasant first visit, when "no one from Murray Hell discovered it yet," he quickly realized that this wasn't the innocent suburban oasis he had remembered:

After the opening, I returned and found it much more 'discovered'. All young, 20-somethings getting slurppies, snacks and beer. But unlike its suburban 7-11 cousin, this 7-11 had trust-fund babies and LOTS of them. My skin began to scrawl and I exited the store as soon as possible.
After the jump, our reviewer ventures back to discover...the top shelf Slurpee.
On my final venture (and probably last), I saw the same type of patrons, yuppies and the girls that love them. Except this time, I started to notice the same conversations from the patrons (especially the ladies): "Oh my god, I cannot wait to put Grey Goose in this." "No way, yah, but I am putting Kettle One". "Can you believe its been sooo long since I've had jeans on."

Besides the staffing being Indian (which I dont understand why a 7-11 has to have indian workers), the one thing was clear about this 7-11:

None of these suburban trust-funders would ever be caught dead in a 7-11 in their posh burg yet this Manhattan rendering is a flashback for all of them and brings them right back to their roots: Suburbia

This is just the Murray/Gramery 7-11, I cant even imagine what the Upper East Side one will bring!
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