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Instant Rooftop Homes for Sale

If you look up to the sky and suddenly see a bunch of helicopters dropping suspicious looking 24' x 24' white boxes onto New York City rooftops, fear not, for it is only the Loft Cube. Loft Cube? Yes, Loft Cube. For only 70,000 euros and 2-4 days of hard labor with a couple close friends, you too can acquire and assemble your very own customizable living box, about 576 square feet of bargain-basement modern luxury. But before you go entering your credit card information and scouting potential room dividers and toilets, perhaps you should heed the loft cube's shipping warning: "on-roof placement via cranes / helicopters (requires extra planning permission)." Although, it would be a great gag to pull on your landlord, soooo ... permission granted!
· Werner Aisslinger - Loft Cube []