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Real Estate World Series Report: Dottie Rocks!

Yes, that's Prudential Douglas Elliman biggie Dottie Herman basking in the glory of Elliman's 8-2 triumph in the Real Estate World Series last night. Unsurprisingly, we heard from a lot of Elliman folks today... but nary a word from the Corcoran side. One Elliman partisan channels Peter Gammons:

In a game that was expected to be just as close as last year's 8-7 first annual, the PDE Rock Stars took home the Real Estate World Series championship title in a blowout victory, 8-2. The PDE Rock Stars, who decided to sit this season out of the league, dusted off their gloves last week for the first time since the fall 2004 league season.Join us after the jump, where the smack talk really gets good.

PDE's first game of the summer, a start up game against Halstead, proved the Rock Stars would be contender for any team with the win 6-3. One week later PDE faced off with Corcoran, who have been planning the 2nd annual Real Estate World Series since April. Corcoran held try outs back in the Spring for their 2 softball teams and hand selected from these 2 teams the players for the game last night. The Corcoran Closers have been playing softball since the Spring season and brought their best to defend the RE World Series title, but their best was not enough. With the crowd of blue and white on the sidelines, PDE took the lead in the early innings with a score of 4-2, then 6-2 and final of 8-2. Corcoran just could not pull it together to add any runs to make this a close game. Celebrations were had on the field after the game in the trophy presentation and continued at the team's victory party after the game.

And somewhere, deep within Governors Island, Marc Lawrence was heard to murmur, "Wait 'til next year!"
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