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Eater Tastings: Rocco, Drew, and Free Drinks

On the menu at Eater, the spankin' new SLNY/Curbed restoblog:

1) Is Rocco DiSpirito a no-go for his rumored new restaurant on E20th?
2) A bittersweet return to the once-legendary, recently reopened Puffy's Tavern in Tribeca: "Eater returned to Puffy's in early June -- a full month after the bar reopened, to the owner's credit, on time -- to find the space completely stripped of character. The moose head over the bar appears to have been replaced by stereo speakers; the jukebox is no where to be found; the back left corner, once a tribute to Tribeca grit, scarred and tattooed by years of drunken dart players, was overwhelmingly sterile."
3) When PopBurger meets pizza in MePa: Apocalypse now?
4) A peek inside Centrico, Drew Nieporent and Aarón Sanchez's new Tribeca Mexican.
5) Drink on the house this weekend with MyOpenBar.

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