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Adult Swim: Doing Laps at Equinox

The flood of emails about Equinox pools keeps pouring in (sorry, Friday is pun day at Curbed). One reader dunked us for not doing our research and determining exactly which clubs had pools. (We are dripping with shame. Really.) Fortunately, he told us ? 54th and Second, 63rd and Lex, TimeWarnerCenter and Greenwich Ave. Ah, research. In any case, another reader, our aquatic correspondent, files this comprehensive report about the state of Equinox's pools:

Even though I live a block from the 63rd st Equinox, I've taken to swimming at the Columbus Circle location because the pool there is 25m, 5m longer than the stumpy pool at the Melrose. The Greenwich Ave pool is also 25m, but it's a schlepp, plus, you have to walk through the lobby in your swimsuit, which is lame.

Which site's pool is "craptastically tiny?" Find out after the jump!

There is a craptastically tiny pool at the E55th st location, which has corner cutouts that render the two side lanes essentially unswimmable, at least for laps. There is a large hot tub at the Wall St location, but since large=2 bodylengths, you're not gonna get much of an aerobic workout there. Which brings me back to the Melrose location; the hot tub there is right next to the pool, as is the cold and hot plunge pools and the (recently enlarged) sauna and steam room. More than once, I confess, I've called sitting in the hot tub "working out."

On a related note, with the hotel closed, I imagine the number of clueless German guests (it was always the Germans) who casually dropped their suits and towels to wander naked around the pool deck will decline significantly. Or maybe they'll make "Euro-style spa" part of the building's pitch.

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