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Pissed Off Tenants Vent, Part II

It's been over a year since someone complained about Awaye Realty in connection with the goings-on over at Carroll Gardens' infamous 505 Court Street. Finally, someone chimes in to defend Awaye, or at least, that's the impression we got from the first two sentences. Then, you know, we read the rest:

As a tenant at 505 Court Street I'd like to comment on some of the blogs I've read. Regarding Arlene Awaye giving tenants the boot, Its actually Court Street Lofts the owners, who served the tenant's papers. Not that Arlene Awaye has made it easy for tenants to live here. Just would like to set the record straight. She stands to make a nice commission if she sells to tenants. As a parent with a young child we're choosing not to buy because we're not comfortable with the envirornmental factors here, mainly - BQE, Scrap Metal Plant and Oil Holding tanks right behind us. Every morning we wake up to a thin white layer of dust all over the apt. if you take a walk around to West 9th I think you'll find it pretty bleak, and yes pretty much everything else thats been said is true. The apts are infested with ants, and they are making cosmetic fixes. Someone got stuck in one of "the brand new" elevators the other day and it was out of commission for almost a week. I think for a million we can do much better.With all the shit being talked about 505 Court, I think we're all lucky that it's only the elevators that are fighting back.
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