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Pissed Off Tenants Vent, Part I

A couple updates today on two much-loathed buildings we haven't heard any dirt on for a little while. First up is 123 West 44th Street, last seen stirring up trouble on an Internet message board and dragging large, heavy duffle bags through the street very late at night. The man behind the message board writes in with a laundry list of news items, including:

1) "All of the plaster from the ceiling lobby fell off suddenly a few weeks ago, creating a massive mess and piles of dust everywhere. I was told by the people cleaning it up that I had no right to take pictures of what had happened (which I ignored, given the blatant incorrectness of their statement)." [Where's our picture? -ed.]
2) "The remaining residents (including myself) recently received a red herring -- a proposal to convert 123 w 44 into 'The Gerard Condominium.' Citi Habitats Marketing Group is the selling agent."
3) "Fun facts/quasi-celebrities: Judd Harris, former American Idol contestant and Citi-Habitats broker was living in the building, and had to deal w/impending eviction as well. Richie Havens is also being targeted as a tenant."

Evict if you must, but don't you dare fuck with our Idols.
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