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Curbed Reader Query: Demand a DUMBO Closing Date?

The promotional text for River Front, a shiny new development in DUMBO, casts the building as "the link between you and DUMBO. your new home, gracefully located between two grand bridges, where you'll happily hang your hat." Well, the link is broken and the hats are piling up, and a Curbed reader wants to know how he can get his hands on the keys to his new home. He writes,

i put down a large payment in January for one of the Dumbo developments (57 Front st.) and the estimated closing date was that this building will be ready for occupancy June/July. i did expected a delay and of course the developer (Boymelgreen) informed everyone 3-4 months ago that the closing date will be in September. well, now we are at the end of July but they are still not committing to a closing date. they keep on blaming that it's the paperwork that needs to be approved by the city. the building currently looks as though it will be complete in a couple of weeks (at least within the apartments). is there anything one can do to push them to commit to a date?· DUMBO: Officially Expensive [Curbed]
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