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Scarano's Got Big Plans for Bed Stuy

After hopping some fences and digging some tunnels this weekend, Brownstoner's unearthed the details on the huge hole in the ground on the corner of Myrtle and Nostrand in Bed Stuy. Scheduled for completion in November '06, the new structure, designed by Scarano & Associates (like most of the rest of new Brooklyn), is to include 74,000 square feet of residential areas shared by 72 apartments, more than 14,000 square feet of commercial spaces, an underground parking garage for 42 cars and 2,500 square feet of medical offices. Says Scarano, "The Myrtle Place project is a pure manifestation both of the architectural elegance and of the fact that there are no more 'bad' neighborhoods in New York City." 'Stoner's got pictorial evidence of the state of the project. Summary: lotta dirt.
· Massive Bed Stuy Development [Brownstoner]