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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: UES Raised to Orange

1) Is there a clear and present danger on the Upper East Side? Novelist/cool customer Tom Clancy (right) has sold both of his UES penthouses, including one on Third Avenue he paid $3.2 million for last September. The other, a three-bedroom duplex on 76th St., sold for $3.25 million. Can Ben Affleck cut the correct wires and save Dormandy from the nuclear bomb just in time? We hope ... so? [Braden Keil/NYPost]
2) Looking: Former ER resident Noah Wyle, in South Fork (he passed). Oscar winner Marisa Tomei, at various downtown loft showings (for her brother). [S.Jhoanna Robledo/NYMag]
3) As rumors swirl about the future employment of Guggenheim director Thomas Krens, the museum honcho puts his 4,500-square-foot Tribeca penthouse loft on the market for $5.5 million. Do your own speculating. [Modern Art Notes]