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Curbed Readers Reply: Keep Dreaming in DUMBO

Yesterday, we brought you the plea of the DUMBO condo buyer who just wants to go home. Sadly, it may be a while. Says one correspondent,

I recently went through a closing on a condo conversion property in Brooklyn, and unless this person's lawyer is much, much better than mine - you have virtually no rights to demand anything. I think the legal term is "Tough Shit, Shirley!"...My building was "absolutely, positively" going to be done last December. I moved in at the end of April.
Hard to believe that's not par for the course in a town where it sometimes takes that long to get a plumber to show up. Do we hear 6 months? 1 year? More? Meanwhile, in other 57 Front news, blogger Set Speed thinks he's already spotted a flip.
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