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What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen?

Earlier we told you that Hell's Kitchen had retained just the right amount of grittiness over the years that it could be used to market the Link, a new luxury development on West 52nd Street. But just how gritty is the former gangster haven? As it turns out, pretty fucking gritty. Just one block over from the Link, a correspondent for Tale of Two Cities witnessed a man?hmm, how to put this??drop a sloppy deuce on the sidewalk. It was a revelatory, and quite stinky, experience:

maybe it says Hell's Kitchen won't be taking all this gentrification and multi-million dollar condo-building lightly. I've seen that guy around before, hanging around outside El Papasito -- a Spanish restaurant that has since moved one block over to 53rd. Guess he figures it's still his corner and he'll shit if he wants to?
Exploring the meaning of neighborhood gentrification through diarrhea. Has to be a first, right? And if you need visual proof of said event, ToTC provides a picture. We held back because, after all, this is a family site. But one click and you're own your own in the big bad world of the Interweb, buddy. We warned you.
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